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Our dialysis experts understand high purity water systems and what they mean to your patient care.

Rhode Island's Premier Source for AmeriWater Products

Our dialysis technical operations expertise extends to the highly-specialized water quality requirements that must be met. To stay in 100% compliance and deliver world-class patient care, we’re uniquely qualified to support you through every stage, from sourcing to service.

We sell, support, service, and install these AmeriWater products and more.

Central Reverse Osmosis
(RO) Systems

AmeriWater’s MROZ Reverse Osmosis Systems combine the best qualities of an open frame RO and a cabinet RO. For superior serviceability, the pump and membranes are mounted on a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated open frame. The controls and hydraulic hardware are mounted in a low profile cabinet with a full-size door for easy access. And thin-film composite membranes provide maximum contaminant rejection while achieving high product flow and low energy use.

Portable Reverse Osmosis
(RO) Systems

AmeriWater’s unique cabinet design provides superior durability and accessibility. With the pump, membranes, and pretreatment located inside, the system is also so quiet you won’t even know it’s running. When it’s time for maintenance, hinged doors on the front and rear of the cabinet allow quick and easy access. And the antiscalant and carbon pretreatment for the HCR03 and HCR04 are located on the outside of the cabinet for easier access.

Pre-Treatment Systems

AmeriWater’s water pre-treatment removes suspended impurities, solids, colloids, and living organisms from raw water, ensuring that your water is not contaminated by seasonal changes, extreme weather, or industrial pollution. Water pretreatment processes are applied to tap water before feeding the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. This extends the life of the (RO) membranes, reduces maintenance and cleaning time, and ensures that the water delivered to the RO system meets the required quality standards.

Sterile Processing

AmeriWater’s complete high purity water treatment systems remove residual contaminants from tap water. Water quality is essential to the operation of sterile processing equipment. If it doesn’t meet manufacturers’ specifications, it can also be detrimental to washing, disinfection, sterilization equipment, and surgical instruments’ condition and longevity. Systems that require high purity water include Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs), Stills and Steam Disinfection Boilers, Medical Washers/Disinfectors, and Glassware Washers.

About AmeriWater

AmeriWater is the long-established leader in designing, manufacturing, installing, and supplying water purification systems and services for dialysis and healthcare applications. Their broad portfolio of trusted water purification products is designed with the end-user experience in mind.

AmeriWater designs and manufactures FDA medical devices (510K) that provide high purity water for acute and chronic dialysis treatment centers. Their flexible, high-quality systems produce high purity water that meets CMS and AAMI standards to support best-in-class patient safety and compliance.

AmeriWater purification products are certified to meet the most stringent FDA, ISO, and IEC/UL standards. With AmeriWater products sold, supported, and serviced by Bion, you can expect customized service contracts, fast response times, and a shared commitment to patient-centered care.


Critical Water Treatment Solutions that Meet AAMI TIR34 Recommendations

Having high quality water is imperative for patient health and equipment life. AmeriWater’s systems conform with the recommendations put forth by the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). These recommendations are divided into two segments for medical device reprocessing: utility water and critical water. AmeriWater’s systems meet AAMI recommendations for both segments.

This product provides critical water for washers, disinfectors, glassware washers, steam boilers and final rinses. Reverse osmosis system, a deionizer polisher, and a storage tank with demand pump package that provides from 800 to 7,500 GPD.

The AmeriWater Advantage

  • Create critical water consistently. Our reliable systems ensure no impurities are left behind on the instruments. Less wear, less opportunity for contamination exists.
  • Complete water treatment systems. You’ll only need to work with our water purification specialists to achieve high purity critical water within the system as a whole.
  • Work healthier. Meeting TIR34 recommendations prevents the spread of bacteria and other contaminants that may harm your patients.
  • Save money. Our system meets current recommendations making your facility much less likely to need another upgrade when adopted as standards.

AmeriWater TIR34 Compliant Systems

TIR34 Compliant System Upgrade Kits

Upgrading your reliable AmeriWater system is simple and cost-efficient. Our system options come in 20, 30, and 70 GPM. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Portable RO Systems for All Acute Settings Including Bedside, ICU, and Isolation Rooms

During this critical time, AmeriWater understands the need for reliable portable high purity water systems delivered fast. That’s why we have a dedicated team maintaining a constant inventory of our reverse osmosis treatment systems for hemodialysis.

Our systems are designed for ease of use, quiet operation, and superior reliability. These units have everything you need to transform your tap water into product water for dialysis for up to two patients. The compact size and easy maneuverability make AmeriWater’s portable ROs perfect for acute isolation treatment rooms.

We offer three system options:

Let our experienced water purification specialists assist you in finding the right portable water purification system for your healthcare facility’s needs today.

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