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Provide your patients with our compassionate customer service and the most comprehensive technical solution for in-home dialysis.

With decades of in-home experience, we have proven strategies for making the move seamless—for centers and patients. We have the agility and experience to quickly align with new legislation. And as part of a bigger movement, we can help providers fast-track their at-home programs, deliver world-class care, and take advantage of financial incentives.

Home Assessments

Bion Technicians bring up-to-date regulatory knowledge to the essential task of determining whether a patient’s home is ready for in-home installation. These assessments include onsite inspections, water testing and analysis, and, when necessary, consultations with contractors to identify needs for pre-treatment components or home modifications.

Home Modifications

We have the expertise to project-manage in-home hemodialysis modifications to ensure patient safety. Bion Technicians understand electrical, plumbing, drainage, and connection work, and we’re sensitive to patients’ needs. Rely on us to coordinate with contractors to stay on-schedule while mitigating disruptions to patients and their families.

Home Installations

Home is not just another job site. To elevate the standard of patient-centered dialysis care nationwide, Bion Technicians are meticulous about cleanliness and preventing trip hazards and other risks to patient safety. When installing in-home devices, our compassion and professionalism put patients at ease, and we always leave things better than we found them.

System Swaps

Packing up their old equipment is a major pain point for in-home dialysis patients. The work is heavy and demands careful draining and packaging, so it’s best left to professionals. Our trusted team members handle dialysis equipment with impeccable care for seamless transitions, and we’re committed to making the experience as unobtrusive as possible for patients and their families.

Become a Bion Client.

Give your company a competitive advantage. Leading dialysis providers rely on Bion to optimize and streamline their technical operations. Learn more about our cost-effective, one-contract solution, and discover how Bion can help.

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