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The Bion Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all dialysis patients are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, and that among these are the Peace of Mind that can only be guaranteed by uninterrupted access to safe, operational equipment, supported by a caring, collaborative team that inspires Trust.

For the good of Dialysis Patients, Providers, Clinicians, and Biomeds, it has become necessary for us to reimagine Dialysis Technical Operations.

Whenever the status quo works against our shared goal of world-class patient-centered care, it is our duty to envision and institute new systems.

An antiquated approach to Technical Operations has reduced our ability as Providers, Clinicians, and Biomeds to collaborate effectively.

We have underpaid and undervalued Biomeds, which in turn creates an underserved industry.

We have relied on entry-level Biomeds, at the expense of patient care and outcomes.

We have tolerated grey areas of responsibility that inhibit collaboration between Biomeds and Clinicians.

We have misused Biomeds’ time and divided their attention with non-technical tasks.

We have missed countless opportunities to digitize and modernize while the rest of the world left us behind.

We, therefore, declare that Technical Operations should be handled by Independent Experts who bring fresh perspectives and up-to-date experience in every relevant culture, environment, and technology.

And we declare that these Independent Biomeds should be deployed where and when they’re needed, and kept 100% focused on technical tasks where Biomedical expertise matters.

To support this Declaration, we’re committed to leveraging our Independence to transform Dialysis Technical Operations.

We pledge to support Biomeds with a values-led company culture that’s rich in motivation and opportunity. We pledge to expand collaboration and optimize communication with Providers and Clinicians. We pledge to modernize and digitize our record-keeping to improve safety, efficiency, transparency, and data accuracy. We pledge to keep our Biomeds free of non-biomedical burdens. Because Biomeds are the backbone of dialysis, we pledge to set the industry standard for excellence. And we pledge to educate our clients and collaborators about what we do, why we matter, and how to make the most of our expertise to advance our shared goal of delivering world-class patient care.

Eric Cirignano

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