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10 Qualities Every Biomed Should Have

(And how to know when you’ve found the right person.)

To elevate Technical Operations and Patient Experience in Hemodialysis Care, everyone in the industry needs to think deeply about Biomeds. Do you work with an experienced Biomed who’s seen it all and troubleshoots like a pro? If so, maybe your Biomed has the qualities needed to uplift and safeguard your program. If not, these are the qualities to look for and nurture, presented in no particular order.

  1. Self-Motivation
    Biomeds are often the only person on staff who understands what needs to be done, and when and how to do it. So they can’t wait around for someone else to motivate them!  If you get a sense that a candidate isn’t already brimming with confidence, curiosity,  and can-do spirit, they may not have the personality and energy that the job demands.
  2. Conscientiousness
    The day-in-day-out duties of Dialysis Technical Operations can be quite routine, but cutting corners can have disastrous consequences. Biomeds can’t afford to get distracted when things get boring. You want to find someone with a strong work ethic who respects dialysis industry standards and the life-changing impact of the work they’re doing.
  3. Integrity
    Technical Operations are the backbone of dialysis, so placing complete trust in your Biomed’s integrity is essential. Can you trust your Biomed to do the right thing, even when it makes them look bad, or creates more work for them? At the end of the day, safety and quality depend on every part of the patient care team being 100% trustworthy.
  4. Organization
    Electronics hooked up to people’s bodies. Chemistry, customer service, and troubleshooting under pressure. Different schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance and documentation. Machines going in and out for repairs. A Biomed’s work is complex, so candidates need to be as organized as any member of the patient care team.
  5. Patient-Centeredness
    Why are we here? Patient Care. We realize this is a tall order, but we’ve seen hundreds of providers leave Biomeds out when thinking about this. Technological Talent, Organization, and Integrity are not enough! If a Biomed candidate doesn’t embody and elevate your program’s Patient-Centered purpose and mission, they shouldn’t be there.
  6. Empathy and Compassion
    It’s “another day at the office” for us, but for the patients we serve, it’s so much more. Imagine the boredom and vulnerability that our in-center patients experience! We don’t care how good a person is with water systems. People who don’t evidence strong compassion and empathy are culture killers. Find people who are emotionally mature and invested.
  7. Technological Talent
    When we interview Biomeds, we’re looking for deep technology experience, or even a strong affinity for it, or raw Technological Talent. To do this work, a Biomed will need the confidence to take on new tasks with complex technology, like opening up a complex machine and installing updates. This is Technical Operations, so technophobes need not apply!
  8. Troubleshooting Personality
    It’s not enough to be a tech wizard–Biomeds do it all under pressure! Personality-wise, they should be skilled at recognizing practical needs or problems that arise in the moment. They should be prepared to f navigating the unexpected with resourcefulness and flexibility. Hire someone who has the personality for solving problems and finding practical solutions.
  9. Manual Dexterity
    Much like Clinical roles, the role of a Dialysis Biomed demands an unusually well-rounded set of skills and talents spanning technical work, customer service, patient care, and more. To service any dialysis equipment, a Biomed needs to work with their hands in tight spaces where at times, you can only navigate by touch. So Manual Dexterity is a must!
  10. Dedication to Teamwork
    Providers who want to create modern, close-knit team cultures, take note! Clinicians and patients thrive when their facilities and programs are supported by experienced, versatile Biomeds who excel at teamwork. This leads to Biomeds being accepted as part of the patient care team and contributes to a positive upward cycle of satisfaction and effectiveness.
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