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BION Modernizes Dialysis Technical Operations to Improve Patient Care

From dialysis center design through facility and home maintenance BION maximizes efficiency, saving valuable time and money while ensuring physician, clinician, and patient satisfaction.

Pawtucket, RI – BION (formerly Biomedix Dialysis) has reimagined the world of dialysis technical operations, providing efficient, cost effective strategies to maintain dialysis equipment, nationwide. BION employs and manages teams of experienced biomedical care experts exclusively focused on dialysis equipment. Focused experience yields highly skilled Biomeds with the expertise to quickly solve any issues that arise, and seamlessly collaborate with clinical staff to deliver world-class patient care.

BION provides support for all dialysis care settings; hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient treatment centers, and home therapies.

“We recently launched another staff assisted home hemodialysis dialysis program, within a nursing home in the Philadelphia market, in an effort to provide residents with care in a setting that they are most comfortable,” said Compass Home Dialysys’ Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Graves. “Using BION’s Biomed team to run our technical department is not only cost effective, but the real value is their support services ensure we are operating at peak performance at all times, so our clinicians can provide the optimal experience that we want for dialysis residents.”

Supply chain has become increasingly complex, with multiple partners being instrumental in the effective operation of dialysis equipment. As part of the customer commitment the BION team fosters well established relationships with leading industry suppliers to procure the needed supplies in a timely manner while keeping costs down.

“BION was the catalyst for the successful completion of Serenity Blue Dialysis Care,” said Serenity Blue Executive Director Ester Mbaya. “At the onset of the project, they guided the design and layout of the clinic helping us create a beautiful and functional space for healing. It was evident through the coordination of the construction, vendors, and logistics, they were prepared for every issue that could arise. We would not be where we are today without their professional support and candor. I am so grateful they are a part of the Serenity Blue family.”

BION’s support services include center design and home assessments, installation, independent technical audits and survey-readiness, preventative maintenance and safety testing, repairs, calibrations, system cleaning and disinfection, system swaps and manufacturer upgrades, and ancillary equipment services. Maintenance management is made easy through use of an industry-leading technical operations app, developed by BION’s leadership team, learn more at

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About BION
We are BION – The Dialysis Technical Operations Company

We believe dialysis technology can and should be modernized and maintained at 100%. To make that vision a reality BION operates in a completely new way. We manage our own workforce of independent expert Biomeds, keeping them focused exclusively on the high-level expertise needed to ensure full compliance and provide world-class patient care. Visit us at or find us on LinkedIn.

Eric Cirignano
Founder & CEO
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