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The Bion Dialysis Concept

It’s no secret, the dialysis industry has been stagnant and stuck for decades. High level executives are reluctant to change, or scared to death of it. As they say, “you can’t graft a new idea to a closed mind.”

While the rest of the world has ~70% of their patients dialyzing at home, which is proven to be more efficient, patients in America dialyze in-center. Meanwhile, the need for donor kidneys in the United States is rising at 8% per year.

Our simple concept to help “Recalibrate an Industry’ for ESRD patients is as follows:

Trim the Fat

The amount of waste in “Technical Departments” is excruciating. Mostly, of course, in labor and benefits cost but there are other areas to trim the fat too. For instance, unqualified personal may replace several parts during diagnosis of a problem costing several hundred, perhaps thousands for a $2 fix.

Allocate Savings

So, we have cut costs for you, you have highly qualified personnel giving your equipment and facilities the TLC they deserve. When the savings are appropriated with integrity is where the magic happens.

We are pushing and encouraging everyone who uses our advancements in dialysis biomedical care to allocate these funds to starting or growing their home programs or transplant programs! Let’s stop the hesitation and develop these programs!

In addition, we have revived a multitude of run down clinics. Allocating the savings to your physical environment is a great move as well. This proves to create a much better PX (patient experience) at your facilities.

To wrap it up, The BD Concept delivers dozens of benefits for Nephrologists, Nurses, Technicians, and most importantly… the dialysis patients!

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