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Announcing Our Partnership With Ameriwater

We’re proud to serve Rhode Island as the premiere AmeriWater authorized dealer.

Our partnership with AmeriWater elevates our company’s comprehensive Dialysis Technical Operations offering, by providing a single source for high-quality dialysis water systems, plus equipment repair and maintenance, testing and documentation, consulting and training, and more.

AmeriWater Dialysis Water Systems
Our highly-trained Biomeds, coupled with AmeriWater’s profound knowledge of the specialized water quality requirements that must be met within varying sectors and applications, means clients will receive the best in full-service dialysis systems. From quiet, convenient portable reverse osmosis (RO) systems to large scale central dialysis systems accommodating up to 14,400 gallons per day, we will work directly with clients to ensure the most efficient system is installed. 

AmeriWater Central Sterile Water Systems
As an addition to your dialysis water system, AmeriWater’s central sterile water systems help prolong the life of surgical instruments by removing residual contaminants from the incoming city or tap water, providing high-purity water for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization. AmeriWater’s central sterile water systems are 510K certified and meet the most stringent AAMI, FDA, ISO, and IEC/UL standards.

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