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Independent Technical Audits: A Best Practice for Every Dialysis Provider

Survey-readiness is one of the biggest pain points dialysis providers struggle with, and there are several reasons why. Dialysis technical operations are often managed by non-technical people. Dialysis Biomeds are often entry-level employees whose time is filled with non-technical tasks. Industry-wide, documentation still depends on 20th-century tools, while the rest of the world has moved on to cloud-based, digital solutions. Most importantly, survey readiness is complex. There are lots of moving parts to assess and keep track of over long periods.

To solve this perennial problem, dialysis providers need independent technical audits performed by professional Biomeds with the expertise, technology, and unbiased perspective to ensure 100% survey-readiness.

Expertise matters because critical issues like a machine and environmental conditions and the adequacy of your policies and procedures can only be inspected and assessed by someone with a deep and comprehensive understanding of dialysis technical operations. For a Technical Audit you can trust, use highly-trained, top-tier Biomeds whose expertise has been honed by exposure to diverse equipment and providers. If you cut corners here, you can find yourself in trouble when the time comes for your next survey.

From a technology standpoint, every provider can benefit from a next-generation technical operations app like ours, that’s purpose-built to keep your records organized and available at all times. And technology matters more than ever in a pandemic because our Independent Technical Audit specialists can actually use it to reduce site visits. With the right app, once a provider’s initial technical audit is complete, the bulk of future assessments can be done remotely, so our experts are only onsite as long as they need to be–not a minute more.

While big providers like Fresenius, Davita, and US Renal Care do their own internal audits before a surveyor gets there, most providers benefit from an outside expert perspective. And even if your clinic is operated and staffed by technical operations experts, access to an unbiased independent expert is essential to uncovering problem areas that have been overlooked or underestimated for any reason.

The key to 100% survey-readiness is finding and fixing problems before the surveyor is onsite. Protect your patients, your business, and your reputation with Independent Technical Audits performed by an outside expert with nothing to hide, and expect your documentation to adhere to best practices for modern accuracy and accessibility.

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